MTC- New Works Project 2014


This showing predominately featured freshly-created works in progress by local southern California choreographers with the goal of breaking new territory and moving beyond their comfort zone.  The event was hosted by Robert Salas of Movement Theater CoLab at Dance Creations in Simi Valley on July 5th, 2014

Reflections by Christina Abatiello
Emergence- The Dawn of Movement, inspired by a one year old choreographed by Heather Castillo with music by Zoe Keating was truly a unique glimpse of human movement. The dancers portray the delightful innocence and curiosity of youth with beautiful simplicity through tactile interactions with their surroundings and each other.

Site One choreographed by Ken Datugan with music by Hildur Guonadottur demonstrated an athletic, dynamic exploration of human power and control. A commendable use of push/pull relationships and explorations throughout the piece coupled with each dancer’s grounded intensity made this dance quite enticing to witness.

An unsettling yet guiltily entertaining gander into the cut throat cliques and decorated desperation of wealthy housewives, Attention Whore choreographed by Robert Salas, indeed lives up to it’s unabashed title. The dancers perfectly capture the brazen, psycho erotic “desperate housewife” persona as they (literally!) bite and claw their way to the spotlight. An entertaining and creative piece that smiles to your face before cackling behind your back!

With it’s lovely use of intricate yet somewhat pedestrian gestures intertwined with gorgeous balletic lines, Heedless: A Work in Progress choreographed by Jasmine Agredano with music by CocoRosie was a truly delightful piece. The dancers flowed seamlessly through transitions and made great use of the stage space while maintaining a graceful unison.

Here: Gone Home choreographed by Beth Megill with music by Bill Ryan and the Grand Valley St. University New Music Ensemble presented a fascinating exploration of the concept of PLACE. As the piece progresses, so too does the traveling, grouping and interactions of its dancers. The use of occasional yet consistent gestural repetition throughout the piece adds a beautiful yet visceral impact.

Spring, choreographed by Kenneth Walker II with music by Vivaldi and Max Richter was both literally and figuratively a splash of light and color upon the stage. Unified intricate hand gestures, technical balletic lines/movements combined with the dancers’ radiant smiles and fiery attire make this piece sear into the memory.

Three distinct and separate groups placed diagonally across the stage entice immediate curiosity in A Story of Gravity, choreographed by Jeremy Hahn with music by Philip Glass. As the two outer groups gracefully (and quite beautifully) pantomime gestures of love, a hidden duet emerges between the two dancers in the middle that seemingly depicts a highly emotional lovers quarrel. An alluring yet premonitory work.

The power of the female becomes undeniably clear as the dancers of Intentions of Being, choreographed by Robert Salas, powerfully take the stage to the music of Teargas and Plateglass. Intentional, confident and smouldering, the women on stage move with the precision of clockwork mechanisms. Towards the end of the work, it becomes clear that vulnerability can be seen as weakness as one dancer is isolated and shunned, performing a disturbingly exquisite solo.

Deeply Rooted choreographed by Michael Nickerson- Rossi superbly demonstrates the haunting power of symbiotic connection. The dancers seem to feel and affect one another with or without physical contact. Grace and strength carry both dancers through fluid transitions and breathtaking weight- sharing moments. Their organic and passionate co-responsiveness grips the heart and makes this piece a must- see.

Attempt Relaxation, choreographed by Jasmine Agredano with music by Toe is a light- hearted, fast- paced delight. Smiles light up the stage as the dancers flow through unique intricate sequences in impressive unison. A highly dynamic work that still manages to capture very lovely images and lines throughout.

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