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Ezralow’s OPEN deftly balances dance as art and entertainment

With audiences becoming increasingly familiar with entertaining dance shows on television and less exposed to the esoteric art world of much concert dance, what is a choreographer to do? Daniel Ezralow addresses the delicate balance of making great dance that appeals to a broader audience in his evening length work OPEN, which was performed at […]

Rogue Festival 2015

Going Rogue in Fresno 2015

The Rogue Festival in Fresno is one of the largest and most successful Fringe-style festival west of the Mississippi! It includes a blend of performing artists with an indie edge that makes for an exciting 10 days of new theater, music and dance. I have seen over 11 shows with two days two go. Most […]

The audience embraces Invertigo for a three week run at Odyssey

Review: After It Happened (Sunday Oct 5th, 2014) Laura Karlin’s Invertigo Dance Theatre is going out on a limb this month with a nearly unheard of (in LA) three week run of an evening length dance show, After It Happened. And, judging from the large attendance last night, it is a good thing. A warm […]

Actress Fury by Grand Lady Dance House, Directed by Jennie MaryTai Liu

15 September 2014 — LOS ANGELES, CA — Through layers of meaning developed through simultaneous and juxtaposed text, dance, postures, costumes, symbolic props, and rhythmic movements with unison, repetition, and layering, Grand Lady Dance House reveals the fury of the often difficult journey to self-actualization as a female actor in the 21st century in Actress […]