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Suspended in Time/Under the Spell of the Crowd

Note: mature content. The LA Dance Project space became home away from home to a European contemporary dance theater aesthetic this fall as part of the Van Cleef & Arpels, Dance Reflections program as hosted by Museum of Contemporary Art and LADP.  On October 27th, 2022, CROWD, conceptualized and choreographed by French choreographer Gisèle Vienne, […]

San Pedro Arts Festival continues to bring community together in an early fall offering

Coordinated by Louise Reichlin/Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers, the San Pedro Festival of the Arts has become a standard for early fall dance in the LA area and is an excellent opportunity for a large and diverse group of dance artist to come together to share their voices and share their art with each other […]

Exploring Identity Through Media and Movement

From Laurie Sefton comes a show rich with insights about individual identity in modern times. Mythology of Self and Women, Fire and Dangerous Things, premiering at Stomping Grounds LA, delves deeply into the perspectives of various individuals as they react to their environment and circumstances.

Psychopomp in performance of YLEM

Psychopomp: An athletic treat rooted in earthy connection. 

The evening of dance choreographed by Psychopomp’s Artistic Director, Shenandoah Harris, offered insights into a world of inter and intrapersonal conflict through movement that was aggressive, bold, animalistic, and highly athletic. The cast of six dancers, Andrew Cropuz, Mizuki Sako, Abby Chuah, Lydia McDonald, Stephanie Mizrahi and Harris, had plenty of space to show off […]

A dance film in three parts bound / less by MashUp Contemporary Dance celebrates National Women’s Equality Day

2020 very well could be labeled the year of many dance films and 2021 is still reaping the benefits from the COVID isolation time. MashUp Contemporary Dance is a collective of beautiful female dance artists keen on making dance (and in this case dance on film) with a social justice aim. bound / less is […]

LA Choreographers and Dancers Treat Fiesta Goers

Informal and community-minded events in temporary spaces are always a bit of a game of Russian roulette for dance companies. But, Louise Reichlin’s company Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers played it like pros at the Culver City Fiesta de Ballona last weekend. Performing works on an outdoor, temporary dance floor under a large tent, the dancers were […]

COVID Moves Dance Online with the San Pedro Arts Festival

The San Pedro Arts Festival directed by Louise Reichlin is presenting a digital festival in the form of two 2-hour curated programs shared for free on Vimeo. The festival as a whole features 10 dance artists in a smattering of dance styles with many falling under the contemporary concert dance umbrella. The program features works […]

Cathartic Art Shares its Mission and Art in a blend of Dance and Documentary

Cathartic Art is a collective of artists gathering together to uphold practices of compassion and transformation through dance, spoken word,  and performance art. Founded by Jill Collins and Kirsten Ajax, the self-titled film directed by Hollis-Sherman Pepe is both a media performance and an advocacy piece for the mental health.  The opening solo choreographed and […]

Love Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier

There is always something especially exciting about attending a sold-out show—not the least of which is the fact that the community came out to show its support for its local dance artists. Highways hosted the recently founded fabe Dance company in their work, Drugs Can’t Buy. The project featured 10 dancers and was the result […]

Gold Lamé Never Looked So Good

It seems all that glitters may be gold after all when it comes to this set of dance minds. The Gold Series No. 1, a collective of some of LA’s most elite dance intellectuals, was presented at ARC Pasadena early this November for two nights of luminous costumes and sparkling artistry. The event was simply […]