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Malpaso Dance Company Brings a Luscious Blend of Virtuosic Dance to Los Angeles

Beautiful, connected, skilled dancing from Cuba—a luscious blend of ballet, modern, release-technique, partnering, and street dancing, providing a movement vocabulary that can say just about anything. The Music Center’s celebration of Cuban arts as one of three parts of the Getty’s Far-Reaching Arts Program presents Malpaso Dance Company (Malpaso) in its Los Angeles debut. Malpaso, […]

Circles, Lines and Brilliant Design in New Dance Works by Kondrath and Ching

The ARC at Pasadena is one of a few performance venues in the LA region that continues to deliver excellence in LA dance. It is a community arts hub that owner John Pennington has much to be proud of as his facility is a cornerstone of local and affordable dance. This past Sunday, November 5/, […]

Triple [Inter]sect – At Highways

As an artist, I am extremely grateful that there is room in this world for all forms and levels of art, music, dance, theater and performance art. One has to be grateful that a venue like Highways Performance Space exists as a platform for choreographers, composers and directors to experiment, show their work and perhaps […]

Laurie Sefton Portrays Touching Narratives in Clairobscur’s Memory Lapse

Clairobscur is an excellent example of high quality, classically based concert dance that is right here in the Los Angeles indie dance scene. The dancers must be recognized for their excellence both in technical skill and performance technique. Sefton has created a company that is mature and convincing. Saturday’s performance at Diavolo Dance Space highlighted […]

B I R D S E Y E Creates a Familiar World in a New Space

Leslie Scott founded her company BodyArt in New York in 2005, and is now pursuing her graduate degree in dance at California Institute of the Arts. This evening’s work was conceptually outside the box, and physically inside the box as it was an installation piece set in a courtyard on the Cal Arts campus. Collaborating […]

Greg Langner’s CHAOS: An Evening of the Existential

One of my favorite aspects about dance is the blurry line between “dance” and “theater.” I use these terms in quotes because at times we can easily define them as separate entities, but it is shows like CHAOS that disprove our limited definitions. Greg Langner’s original production at the Mosaic Lizard Theater in Alhambra was […]

SoleVita and RhetOracle: a Perfect Dance Pairing

Some might call SoleVita and RhetOracle a creative match made in heaven. These contemporary jazz dance companies both thrive on athleticism, entertaining narratives, and showstopper appeal. This past weekend’s show, The Great American Mixtape, featured a full, two hours of nonstop, high-energy dance. Here is an account of my favorites of the night. SoleVita’s Stealing […]

Actress Fury Delivers

Actress Fury is a great example of what can happen when you get three fearless women performing together in a show that holds nothing sacred and nothing precious.  I saw Actress Fury on Saturday Sept 13, 2014- one of the ridiculously hot summer days we have been experiencing in LA.  My experience of this performance […]

Dreamscape Tatomer Choreo

8th Annual MixMatch Dance Festival (Saturday Aug 30, 2014)

MixMatch Dance Festival is produced by Amanda Hart and HartPulse Dance at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica. This evening’s performance was one of four shows all with different line ups of companies and dance works. This evening’s performance was a sweet combination of dance styles with high quality choreography and skilled performers.  (Click […]

8th Annual MixMatch Dance Festival (Thursday August 28, 2014)

by Beth Megill The 8th Annual MixMatch Dance Festival is another feather in Amanda Hart’s cap. Each year the festival stays open to a variety of dance genres and levels of dance for a true sense of equality and community. The festival is a celebration of dancers and choreographers on their respective artistic journeys, and […]